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I'll be brief

Shorts: Work

Written in admiration of the great American writer Donald Barthelme. An exploration at the intersection of hearts and minds.

Fossils unearthed from nights as a romancing teen. An expression of gratitude for an era that predates FaceTime. Softness, ambiguity, and a jolt of recollection.

Calando: a musical instruction, to gradually decrease in tempo and volume. A conclusion which attempts to provide ease.

Originally published in Orpheus Art and Literary magazine at the University of Dayton. Thankful to those who encouraged me to submit for publication.

Inspired by an obtrusive street lamp seated outside a bedroom window. Influenced by the style of Italian author Italo Calvino.

I am captivated by names, conventions, and the durability of titling a human being. Contained is a soft illumination brushing upon each.

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