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So she has this Name

If flowers giggled

As the wind brushed by

That would be the sound of her Name


It's a Name 

That when you hear it

You feel the spots on your ear

Where the word collides


As her Name rushes by

The outer ear stretches

Trying to corral 

Each and every lexeme


Most slips past

However you are grateful

For the fraction

That dances to the drum


Her Name enters the blood stream

Eyes turn to glass

Your inhales halt 

As the drug seeps in


Your heart realigns 

It's sputtering beat

Tempo rebato

You careless musician


Of course all this is,

Is simple conjecture

I'm no linguist nor musician nor doctor

Nor much of anything else


I'm merely listening 

And patiently waiting

To once more hear

The sound of her Name


R. Thomas

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