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She said, “let’s watch a movie,

About a girl who leaves town

And never returns”


“You mean about the boy 

With half a heart,

Who toils and yearns?”


It’s funny how things are seen

Is love a glimmer of hope,

Or the heartaches in between


She said “write a song,

To tell me you love me

If it’s something you can do”


I wrote about the struggle

Life was and is

Both with and without you


It’s crazy how love seems

Your heart upon the rocks

Guided by the poet’s beam


She said to tell her

How I feel now,

If my love is to stay


But I told her,

Love is a verb

For both growth and decay 


People do not understand,

What wanting the truth means

What they want is something closer

To where a golden road leads


If there’s anything I know,

It’s what love is not

No carriages and white horses

But being fine with what one’s got


Love is not out there,

It’s not for the eyes to see

It’s the rupture of one’s heart

In allowing another to be


I watched the movie,

I sang her song,

But I spoke few words

When she told me I was wrong

R. Thomas

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