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I'll be brief.

I was asked a question once. A question that changed my life. 


“Are you a writer?”


It seems like a simple question to answer. I do not collect royalties, nor annotate transcripts, nor barter with copy editors. I craft a few chimey sentences and deplete space on a hard drive. 


Though, it is a strange thing to tell yourself you are not a writer.

We navigate this world assembling the wittiest description for our statuses and updates.

We know a missing designation on a resume finds our life’s achievements placed in the other pile.

We choke on those perfect words to return to the subject of our affection, painfully aware of the consequences of one four letter verb compared to another. 

All the while, we try to be understood.


For me, creating this page is a process of realization and a fulfillment of promises made.


It is no beckon from a mountain, but a whisper in the dark.

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